Tata Motors: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re in the market for a new car, you may be considering Tata Motors. But what do you really know about this company? This comprehensive guide will tell you everything you need to know about Tata Motors, from its history to its current lineup of vehicles.

What is the current share price of Tata Motors

Tata Motors is one of the leading automobile manufacturers in India. The company has a wide range of vehicles, from small cars to heavy commercial vehicles. Tata Motors is also present in the luxury segment with its Jaguar and Land Rover brands. The company’s share price has been volatile over the last few years. However, the current share price of Tata Motors is Rs. 353.

What was the share price of Tata Motors a year ago

What was the share price of Tata Motors a year ago
A year ago, the share price of Tata Motors was $0.48. Today, it is $1.02. That is an increase of over 100% in just one year!

There are many reasons why Tata Motors is such a great investment. First of all, it is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in India. It has a strong presence in both the passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle segments. In addition, Tata Motors is expanding its reach into new markets such as Africa and South America.

Another reason to invest in Tata Motors is its strong financials. The company reported a profit of Rs 1,215 crore (US$ 182 million) in the quarter ended March 31, 2018. This was a turnaround from a loss of Rs 2,480 crore (US$ 367 million) in the same quarter last year.

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If you are looking for a high-growth stock that is trading at a reasonable price, then Tata Motors is a good option for you.

What is the 52 week high and low for Tata Motors shares

Tata Motors shares hit a 52-week high on February 20, 2020, of Rs. 175.35, although they have since fallen to Rs. 122.85 as of March 25, 2020. The 52-week low was Rs. 67.95, reached on May 24, 2019. Tata Motors is an Indian multinational automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, and a member of the Tata Group. Its products include passenger cars, trucks, vans, coaches, buses, construction equipment and military vehicles.

How has the share price of Tata Motors performed over the last 5 years

The share price of Tata Motors has been on a steady decline over the last five years. In 2014, the company’s shares were trading at around Rs 500, but they have since fallen to below Rs 200. The company has been hit hard by a number of factors, including the slowdown in the global economy and competition from cheaper Chinese manufacturers. However, Tata Motors is still one of India’s largest and most well-known companies, and it remains an important part of the Indian economy.

What analysts are predicting for Tata Motors shares in the future

The Indian automotive industry has been struggling in recent years, and Tata Motors (NYSE: TTM) has been no exception. The company’s sales have declined sharply, and its share price has followed suit.

However, there are signs that the worst may be over for Tata Motors. Industry sales have started to recover, and the company’s new products are starting to gain traction with customers.

As a result, analysts are becoming more bullish on Tata Motors’ prospects. Here’s a look at what they’re saying about the stock.

1. Credit Suisse is predicting a turnaround

In a research note released last week, Credit Suisse analyst Ashish Gupta upgraded Tata Motors from “underperform” to “neutral.”

Gupta believes that the company is finally starting to see a turnaround in its core business. He expects Tata Motors’ sales to bottom out this fiscal year and then start to recover in FY 2020.

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Gupta is also encouraged by the company’s new product launches. He thinks the new Tata Altroz hatchback and the upcoming Tata Harrier SUV have the potential to drive significant market share gains for the company.

As a result of these factors, Gupta is forecasting a rebound in Tata Motors’ earnings. He expects the company to report an adjusted profit of Rs 8.6 billion ($122 million) in FY 2020, up from an expected loss of Rs 3.9 billion in FY 2019.

2. Jefferies is expecting strong growth in China

Jefferies analyst Rahul Singh is even more bullish on Tata Motors than Credit Suisse. In a research note released last month, Singh upgraded the stock from “hold” to “buy.”

Singh believes that Tata Motors’ turnaround will be driven by strong growth in its China business. The company recently formed a joint venture with Chinese automaker GAC Group, and Singh expects this partnership to be hugely successful.

He predicts that Tata Motors will sell 400,000 vehicles in China by FY 2022, up from just 50,000 last year. This would give the company a 5% market share in China’s highly competitive passenger vehicle market.

Based on this forecast, Singh is expecting Tata Motors’ China business to contribute Rs 140 billion ($1.9 billion) to the company’s overall revenue by FY 2022. This would be a major increase from the Rs 30 billion ($420 million) that he expects the business to generate this year.

3. CLSA is betting on electric vehicles

CLSA analyst Amit Misra is also bullish on Tata Motors, although his thesis is different from that of other analysts. Misra thinks that the company’s electric vehicle (EV) business will be its key growth driver in the years ahead.

Tata Motors has been investing heavily in EVs, andMisra thinks this could start to pay off soon. He expects the company to launch its first mass-market EV, the Tata Tigor EV, later this year.

Is Tata Motors a good investment

Is Tata Motors a good investment
There are many reasons to believe that Tata Motors is a good investment. The company has a strong presence in India, which is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. Tata Motors also has a joint venture with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, which gives it access to Fiat’s global distribution network. In addition, Tata Motors has been investing heavily in electric vehicles and autonomous driving technology, which could provide a major boost to its growth in the future.

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Why has the share price of Tata Motors been falling

There are a number of reasons why the share price of Tata Motors has been falling. Firstly, the company has been facing a number of challenges in recent years, including a slowdown in sales and profitability. Secondly, the company has also been hit by a number of scandals, including allegations of corruption and mismanagement. Thirdly, the company’s share price is also highly dependent on the performance of the Indian stock market, which has been volatile in recent months. Finally, the company faces stiff competition from other Indian and global automakers.

Should I buy Tata Motors shares now

There are a few things to consider before making the decision to buy Tata Motors shares. The company has been underperforming in recent years and its share price has reflected that. However, there are some reasons to believe that Tata Motors may be due for a turnaround.

The first is that the Indian economy is growing rapidly and Tata Motors is well-positioned to benefit from this. The company has a strong presence in the country and is one of the leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles. With infrastructure spending increasing and more people moving into cities, demand for Tata Motors’ products is likely to increase.

Another positive for the company is its recent tie-up with Jaguar Land Rover. This gives Tata Motors access to technology and know-how that it can use to improve its own products. Additionally, the partnership should help to boost sales of Jaguar Land Rover’s vehicles in India.

Overall, there are some reasons to be optimistic about Tata Motors. However, it is still a risky stock and investors should tread carefully before buying shares.

How much did Tata Motors shares sell for when they first went public

Tata Motors shares sold for Rs. 10 each when they first went public in 2004. That is the equivalent of about $0.22 per share.

When will Tata Motors shares split

Tata Motors shares are set to split on December 11th, 2020. This will be the first time in the company’s history that shares have been split. The move is seen as a way to make the stock more accessible to a wider range of investors. It is also seen as a way to boost the share price, which has been lagging in recent years.