75 Best Side Hustles for Teens [List]

Check out the top 75 side jobs for kids on this list if you’re a teen trying to earn some additional money. You can find a side business on this list that’s ideal for you, from tutoring to mowing lawns to walking dogs. So why are you still waiting? Start earning extra money right away!
75 Best Side Hustles for Teens [List]

Best Side Hustles for Teens

  1. Pet Sitting
  2. Blogging
  3. Take Online Surveys
  4. Participate in Paid Focus Groups
  5. Delivering Food
  6. Delivering Groceries
  7. House Sitting
  8. Dog Walking
  9. Babysitting
  10. Lifeguard
  11. Advertise on Your Car
  12. Charge Scooters
  13. Detail Cars
  14. Consider Landscaping
  15. Clean Homes
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  17. Haul Junk with a Truck
  18. Flip Shoes
  19. Flip Furniture
  20. Flip Electronics
  21. Teach Music Lessons
  22. Work as a Tutor
  23. Start a Vending Machine Side Hustle
  24. Flip Baseball Cards
  25. Wash Windows
  26. Clean Pools
  27. Work at the Concession Stand
  28. Start a Painting Side Hustle
  29. Become a Woodworker
  30. Work as a Mystery Shopper
  31. Complete Odd Jobs
  32. Groom Pets for Extra Money
  33. Work as a Camp Counselor
  34. Try Retail Arbitrage
  35. Work as a Referee
  36. Have a Garage Sale
  37. Flip Things at Flea Markets
  38. Flip Things on Facebook Marketplace
  39. Shovel Snow for Neighbors
  40. Work as a Rideshare Driver
  41. Pick Up a PartTime Job
  42. Work as a Movie Extra
  43. Distribute Flyers for Small Businesses
  44. Start an Oil Change Service
  45. Work as a Personal Trainer
  46. Freelance Writing
  47. Virtual Assistant
  48. Participate in Medical Studies
  49. Start a Podcast
  50. Start a YouTube Channel
  51. Invest in the Stock Market
  52. Invest with Fundrise to Build Wealth
  53. Watch Videos Online
  54. Sell Online Courses to Make Money as a Teen
  55. Sell Digital Products Online
  56. Play Games for Cash
  57. Flip Domain Names
  58. Flip Websites
  59. Start a Niche Site
  60. Teach English Online
  61. Work as a Transcriptionist
  62. Start an Etsy Shop
  63. Start an Ecommerce Store
  64. Become a Social Media Influencer
  65. Build Websites for Businesses
  66. Run Digital Advertising Campaigns
  67. Start a Social Media Management Side Hustle
  68. Start an Amazon FBA Store
  69. Work as a Freelance Graphic Designer
  70. Sell Stock Photos Online
  71. Shop Online to Make Extra Cash
  72. Test Websites for Additional Money
  73. Get Paid to Read Emails
  74. Work as a Proofreader
  75. Become a Search Engine Analyzer
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Simple Ways to Make Money as a Teen Without a Job

Even if you don’t have a job, there are many methods for teens to make money. Start by searching your home for items you may sell, such as clothing, accessories, furnishings, or technology. You might also inquire about any used items your parents might be willing to sell. Setting up your own sale is a way to earn money if you have an aptitude for yard sales.


You can also explore for possibilities to perform odd jobs for locals. This could entail mowing lawns, shoveling snow, or walking dogs. You can earn money by keeping an eye on other people’s pets while they’re away from town if you’re a skilled pet sitter.


Selling arts and crafts online or at neighborhood fairs and festivals is another innovative way to earn money. If you have good photographic skills, you could be able to sell your images offline or online.


Whatever path you choose, there are many options for teens without jobs to earn money. Just make sure to check the legitimacy and safety of any opportunity before pursuing it.

Side Hustles for 18-Year-Olds

There are several ways for 18-year-olds to earn some additional money. Here are some suggestions:


  1. Provide boarding for animals. This can be a fantastic opportunity to get some additional money if you have a love for animals and are trustworthy. To ensure that you are able to run a pet-sitting service in your area, make sure to conduct your research ahead and verify with your local laws.
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  1. Open a lawn-care company. For individuals who love being outside and aren’t scared of a little work, this is a fantastic alternative. You can start by telling your neighbors and friends about your services, and then take it from there.


  1. Help out neighbors in need by doing odd jobs. There are always people who need help with things and are ready to pay for it, whether it’s mowing their lawn, walking their dog, or doing errands for them.


  1. Present yourself as a tutor. If you excel in a certain subject, children in your neighborhood can learn about your tutoring services. This is a fantastic opportunity to earn some additional cash while also lending a hand to others.


  1. Market products you’ve created or designed. If you’re crafty and talented, you can sell your products online or at markets and craft fairs in your community. This is a fantastic approach to develop your pastime into a successful business.


There are countless ways for 18-year-olds to supplement their income. Just be careful to pick something you’re enthusiastic about and know you can succeed at. You may earn money doing what you love with moderate effort and commitment.

How Much Money Can Teens Make from Side Hustles?

Although there are many ways for teenagers to make money, side jobs are one of the most common. Regular part-time tasks that can be done in addition to a regular employment or school are known as side hustles. Although they might be a lot of effort, they can also be a terrific way to earn some additional cash.

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What is the potential income from side jobs for teenagers? The kind of side business, how frequently they work, and how much they charge all play a role in this.


Let’s use the example of a teenager walking a puppy. They might walk two dogs for an hour each day for $10 per walk. They would earn $280 each week. They would earn $1,120 in a month and $13,440 in a year if they worked five days a week.


Naturally, not all side jobs will be quite so lucrative. Before determining how much money a youngster may reasonably anticipate to make from their side hustle, it’s crucial to take into account how much time and effort they are willing to put into it.

Final Thoughts on Side Hustles for Teens

Teenagers can earn extra money through a variety of side businesses. There are various alternatives, ranging from lawn mowing to dog walking. It’s crucial to pick a side business that you’ll enjoy doing and that’s good for you. Before beginning any side business, make sure it is reputable and that you are getting paid what you are worth.