Bharti Airtel’s Share Price: Past, Present, And Future

Airtel’s share price has been on a roller coaster ride in the last few years. From a high of Rs 1,400 in early 2016, the stock tumbled to a low of Rs 400 in late 2016. It has since recovered to Rs 600 levels. What has caused this volatility and what does the future hold for Airtel’s share price?

What is the current share price of Bharti Airtel on the NSE

The current share price of Bharti Airtel on the NSE is Rs. 378.60. The company has a market capitalization of Rs. 2,38,724 crore. The 52-week high and low of the stock are Rs. 554.95 and Rs. 337.05 respectively.

How has Bharti Airtel’s share price performed over the past year

How has Bharti Airtel's share price performed over the past year
Bharti Airtel’s share price has performed relatively well over the past year. The stock is up about 9% over the past 12 months, which is a solid performance considering the overall market conditions.

The company has been able to maintain its strong position in the Indian telecom market, despite intense competition from other players. This has helped it to report consistent growth in its revenues and profits.

Investors have also been reassured by Bharti Airtel’s efforts to reduce its debt levels. The company has been selling off non-core assets and raising funds through equity issuance to lower its debt burden.

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Overall, Bharti Airtel’s share price performance over the past year has been positive, and there are reasons to believe that the stock will continue to do well in the future.

What factors have influenced Bharti Airtel’s share price in the past

Bharti Airtel’s share price has been influenced by many factors in the past. Some of these factors include the company’s financial performance, regulatory environment, and competitive landscape.

The company’s financial performance is a major factor that has influenced its share price. Bharti Airtel has been posting strong financial results in recent years, which has helped to boost investor confidence and drive up the share price.

The regulatory environment is another important factor that has influenced Bharti Airtel’s share price. The telecom sector in India has been through some major changes in recent years, with the introduction of new regulations and policies. This has led to some uncertainty in the sector, which has impacted Bharti Airtel’s share price.

The competitive landscape is another key factor that has influenced Bharti Airtel’s share price. The telecom sector is highly competitive, and Bharti Airtel has been facing intense competition from its rivals. This has put pressure on the company’s margins and profitability, which has impact its share price.

How do Bharti Airtel’s share prices compare to its competitors

Bharti Airtel is an Indian multinational telecommunications services company headquartered in New Delhi, India. It operates in 18 countries across South Asia and Africa, and also in the Channel Islands. Airtel provides GSM, 3G, 4G LTE, VoLTE, Wi-Fi, fixed line broadband and voice services depending upon the country of operation. It is the second largest telecom operator in India with 400 million subscribers as of July 2018.

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Airtel’s share prices have been on a steady decline over the past few years in comparison to its main competitors Vodafone and Idea. As of July 2018, Airtel’s stock price was Rs. 350, down from Rs. 450 in 2016. In comparison, Vodafone’s stock price was Rs. 200 in 2016 and has since increased to Rs. 230. Idea’s stock price has also seen a slight increase from Rs. 70 in 2016 to Rs. 90 in 2018.

What is Bharti Airtel’s dividend yield

Bharti Airtel’s dividend yield is the percentage of the company’s annual dividend that is paid out to shareholders. For example, if Bharti Airtel pays out a dividend of Rs 10 per share and the current price per share is Rs 100, the dividend yield would be 10%.

Bharti Airtel has consistently paid out dividends since it was listed on the stock exchange in 2002. The company has a strong track record of paying out regular dividends, even during times of economic uncertainty.

The company’s dividend yield has fluctuated over time, but has generally been around 2-3%. Bharti Airtel’s dividend yield is currently 2.85%.

Has Bharti Airtel’s share price been volatile in the past

Has Bharti Airtel's share price been volatile in the past
Bharti Airtel’s share price has been volatile in the past. The company has been through a lot of ups and downs, and its stock price has reflected that. However, in recent years, the company has stabilised and its share price has become more stable.

What is Bharti Airtel’s beta

Bharti Airtel’s beta is a great way to stay connected with your friends and family. It is a reliable and affordable service that helps you stay in touch with your loved ones. With Bharti Airtel’s beta, you can enjoy unlimited calling and texting, as well as data services. You can also use Bharti Airtel’s beta to access the internet, and stay connected with your social media accounts.

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What analyst recommendations exist for Bharti Airtel’s stock

Bharti Airtel’s stock is currently trading at Rs. 461.35 on the National Stock Exchange.

The company has a 52-week high of Rs. 646.20 and a 52-week low of Rs. 400.

As of today, there are 12 analyst recommendations for Bharti Airtel’s stock with a median target price of Rs. 580.

The high target price is Rs. 700 while the low target price is Rs. 500.

Of the 12 analyst recommendations, 8 are rated as a ‘buy’, 3 are rated as a ‘hold’, and 1 is rated as a ‘sell’.

What economic factors could impact Bharti Airtel’s share price in the future

There are many potential economic factors that could impact Bharti Airtel’s share price in the future. These include things like the overall health of the economy, interest rates, inflation, and the performance of other companies in the same sector. Additionally, political and regulatory changes can also have an impact on share prices. For example, if the government decided to introduce new taxes or regulations that would negatively impact telecom companies, this could cause Bharti Airtel’s share price to go down.

Is now a good time to buy Bharti Airtel shares

The telecom sector in India has been under a lot of strain in recent times due to intense competition and regulatory hurdles. This has led to many consolidation and exit of players from the market. Amidst all this, Bharti Airtel has managed to maintain its position as one of the leading telecom operators in the country.

The company’s stock has been under pressure in recent times due to the challenging environment but some analysts believe that it is now a good time to buy Bharti Airtel shares. They believe that the worst is over for the telecom sector and Bharti Airtel is well-positioned to benefit from the upcoming 5G rollout in India.

Thus, if you are bullish on the long-term prospects of the telecom sector in India, Bharti Airtel shares could be a good addition to your portfolio.