How to Build and Maintain Relationships with Core Users

As your business grows, it’s important to maintain strong relationships with your core users.

Defining Your Core Users

There are a variety of ways to think about your core users. For our purposes, we’ll define them as the people who will use your product most often and get the most value out of it.


You can think of your core users in terms of:


  • Who they are: their age, gender, location, etc.


  • What they do: their occupation, interests, etc.


  • How they use your product: what features do they use most often? What do they love about your product?


Once you have a good understanding of who your core users are, you can start thinking about how to appeal to them specifically. What kind of language will they respond to? What type of content will they find interesting and engaging? How can you make your product even more valuable to them?


Answering these questions is essential to building a strong relationship with your core users and ensuring that they continue to use and love your product.

How to Build Relationships with Core Users

Here are a few tips on how to do that:


  1. Keep them updated on your progress. Your core users want to know what’s going on with your business, so make sure you keep them in the loop. Send them regular updates on your progress and let them know about any new developments.


  1. Ask for their feedback. Your core users are a valuable source of feedback, so make sure you ask for their input on a regular basis. Use their feedback to improve your product or service and make sure they feel valued.
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  1. Show them some love. Let your core users know how much you appreciate their support with regular gestures of appreciation. This could be anything from a simple thank-you note to a discount on your products or services.


  1. Stay in touch. Even if your business is doing well, don’t forget about your core users. Stay in touch with them and let them know you’re still there for them.

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