How to Get Work as a Scopist

It comes as no surprise that the profession of court reporting is changing in a world where technology is always developing. Scoping, the process of writing a written version of a court session, is one of the largest changes to court reporting. Because scoping enables reporters to work from home and have more flexibility with their schedules, it is growing in popularity. Here are some pointers on how to start if you want to enter the field of scoping.

Are you a Scopist? Here’s How to Get More Work!

You play a significant part in the legal profession as a scopist. You contribute to the correct transcription of court proceedings by court reporters. However, how can you find extra work? Here are a few advices:


  1. Get certified. The National Court Reporters Association and the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers are just two of the organizations that offer certification for scopists. Obtaining certification helps demonstrate to potential customers that you are a genuine professional.


  1. Become a member of a scoping group. These groups offer materials and networking opportunities that can aid in job search. They may also serve as an excellent resource for lifelong learning.


  1. promote your brand. Declare your availability for job to the public! Distribute fliers and business cards, start a website or blog, and make sure internet directories have your name included.
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  1. Provide reductions. Many scopists provide new customers or people who hire them for several projects discounts. This may be a fantastic method to start a relationship with new clients.


  1. Keep current. Since technology is constantly evolving, it’s important for scopists to stay up to date with the newest tools and applications. This will demonstrate to potential customers that you care about your art and are constantly trying to get better.

What is a Scopist?

A scopist is a person who edits, organizes, and puts the court reporter’s rough draft notes into a structure that may be used for the finished result.

How Much Money Can You Make as a Scopist?

There is no doubt that scoping is a fantastic method to earn money online. But how much money can you really expect to make as a scopist?


Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple response to this query. Your skill level, experience, the nature of the work you’re doing, and the going rate in your area all play a part.


However, we have observed scopists earning anywhere between $20 and $60 per hour. Furthermore, some scopists can charge rates of $100 or more per hour for their services.


Of course, how much work you’re willing to put in will also have an impact on how much money you can make. You’ll undoubtedly earn more money than someone who only wants to work 10 hours per week if you enjoy working 40 hours per week.


So, the best response to the question of how much money a scopist can make is: it depends. You should be able to discover a rate that works for you and begin earning good money from the comfort of your home, though, with a little amount of research and dedication.

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How to Become a Scopist

It’s not as difficult as one may imagine to become a scopist. Anyone may become a scopist with the correct set of talents and there are various ways to enter the field.


Possessing a solid command of English is the primary requirement for becoming a scopist. This is due to the fact that scopists must comprehend the audio recordings in order to properly transcribe court hearings for court reporters. Additionally, they must have the ability to correct the transcriptions for spelling and punctuation mistakes.


Attention to detail is a crucial trait for scopists. Scopists must be able to hear the audio recordings and recognize each word that was spoken. Additionally, they must be able to follow along with the court reporter’s notes and verify the accuracy of everything.


Scopists need to be proficient typers in addition to having a strong command of language and a keen eye for detail. This is due to the fact that they frequently need to transcribe lengthy dialogue, and they must be able to type quickly enough to keep up with the speaker.


How to become a scopist can be learned in a variety of ways. There are books, other materials, and online courses accessible. Additionally, colleges that specialize in scoping provide certification courses. These courses typically span six to eight weeks and cover every ability required to work as a scopist.


As soon as you possess the required abilities, you can begin hunting for job as a scopist. Scopists are employed by a wide range of organizations, including law firms, court reporting services, and governmental organizations. You can also work as a freelance scopist, in which case you would conduct your business from home and decide on your own working hours.

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There are numerous resources out there that can assist you in starting your career as a scopist. Anyone may become a scopist with the correct set of talents and enough work.
How to Get Work as a Scopist

How to Increase Your Workload as a Scopist

There are always methods for a scopist to work harder and earn more money. The following advice can help you accomplish that:


  1. Organize yourself and keep a head start.


You need to be prepared and remain on top of things if you want to expand your workload. This entails creating a method that is effective for you and meeting your deadlines. Being chaotic only results in lost work and irate customers.


  1. Provide extra services.


Consider providing additional services like editing, transcription, or proofreading in addition to the conventional scoping services. This will increase the number of prospective customers you have and increase your revenue.


  1. Take initiative in your self-promotion.


Go out and find work instead of waiting for it to come to you! Use social media, internet directories, or word-of-mouth marketing to promote your scoping services to new clients. You are more likely to attract new customers the more people you reach.