How to Make Money Online (Detailed Guide)

Many people around the world are searching for ‘How to Make Money Online’.

Why do so many people want to Make Money Online?


The reasons are as follows:

  1. In many places, the offline working hours and working places are not free and the income is not high;
  2. Systematic and reasonably planned online work can bring us freedom and security;
  3. Making money online is a way to achieve financial freedom.


There are two main ways to become wealthy: starting a business or investing.

However, many people don’t have the capital to start from scratch, so the first step is to sell your time.


Selling Time

Learn skills (increase price per unit of time)

How to find high income skills

How to learn skills quickly


Platforms for Selling Time



For other platforms, Google the word “Freelance.”


Of course, once you have the basic capital accumulation, some of the tedious work can be done from the platform.


Start Your Business Online Now.

Get Traffic

Free Traffic

Google SEO

Domain: domain service provider, special domain name service provider (DMCA ignored), DNS.

Website space: shared hosting, VPS, special server (DMCA ignored), discount coupons.

Content management system (CMS): WordPress (recommended), dural, Joomla, etc

CMS theme: free theme, paid professional theme.

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Website operation: panel of shared space, SSH login, panel of VPS (aapanel panel, cPanel).

Keywords Search: keyword flow and difficulty evaluation, tool selection.

Content: SEO content format, template written for employees.

Links: high-quality links evaluation, exchange links and purchase links.

Traffic from other websites and apps: Facebook, instagram, pinterest, LinkedIn, twitter, youtube, tiktok and so on.


Paid traffic




Traffic Storage




Social Account


Traffic into Money

Sell your own goods

Sell your own service

Sell your own knowledge

Drop shopping: shopywoocommerce

Affiliate Alliance: CPA, CPS, CPL

Sell your own traffic: CPC (Adsense), CPM.


How to Improve Transformation

LP landing page production

Maintain relationships with core users


Investment (compound Interest on Accumulated Capital)

Why invest?

Basic principles of investment






Real estate

Financial derivatives



Insurance (Risk coverage)

The role of insurance

Types of insurance

Purchase of insurance

Settlement of insurance claims



How to solve common problems?

How to overcome procrastination?

How to solve insomnia?

How to maintain energy?

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